About us

The Ubisoft Paris teams are among the most experienced and diverse in the industry, their ability to innovate to create gaming experiences that are both qualitative and varied is unique!

Jean-François Capizzi, Managing Director of Ubisoft Paris

Ubisoft Paris Studio is the historic development studio of the Ubisoft group. Created by the Guillemot brothers in 1992, it marked a turning point for Ubisoft, which then became a video game developer and no longer just a distributor.

In 30 years, the studio’s teams have worked on more than 70 games: from the very first Rayman (1995) to Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (2022), including POD (1997), Ghost Recon Wildlands (2017), the musical phenomenon Just Dance (2009), F1 Racing (1997), XIII (2003) and the Watch Dogs saga (2014).

An ambitious portfolio with exceptional diversity which today makes Ubisoft Paris Studio the Ubisoft studio having worked on the most brands.

Thanks to the talent of our teams, we contribute day after day to writing the future of our industry. More than a work space, the studio is a space for living, sharing, passion and creation!


With nearly 1,000 employees, Ubisoft Paris is the largest video game studio in France.

Beyond its size, the specificity of the studio lies in the diversity of talents and skills within it, since we find technical, artistic and creative expertise in its teams. A diversity that is found in the plurality of projects in which the studio is involved: turn-based tactical game, cooperative FPS in a military environment, dance platform, open world creation, etc.

This diversity is a real asset for our projects which nurish each other and for our teams who work on different productions during their careers!


With almost 30 years of experience, the studio is one of the most experienced in the industry. It has 40% seniors in its ranks who train and support young talents, always driven by the same passion. Together, they build exceptional universes and develop new technologies in fields as varied as worldbuilding, machine learning and procedural generation.

Three pillars are at the heart of our strategy: our teams, who are the key to our success and to whom we wish to give all the tools to carry out their missions in the best conditions; the quality of our productions, essential to meet the high standards of a hyper-competitive entertainment environment; technology, which allows us to push the boundaries of innovation and build captivating, interconnected experiences for our players around the world.

Our Historic Brands