Ubisoft Paris has more than 50 people working in Human Resources, Finance,  Documentation, Workplace, IT and Communication. They work every day to offer the best support to productions. At the heart of the studio’s strategy, their roles are critical in the projects’ success and our teams’ well-being.

Together, several teams bring their expertise to creating our games, such as the User Research Lab, our Video & Mocap Shooting Studio, Player Analytics, and Quality service.


Shooting studio

Our shooting studio (also known as “Carnot Studio”) meets Ubisoft’s production teams’ filming needs, from all over Europe!

In this 1000m2 building, we can shoot videos on a green background or a white background and mocap sequences. With three different film sets and state-of-the-art technology, The Carnot team records Just Dance’s choreographies and many action scenes for other games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint!


User Research Lab

The User Research Lab is built around the belief that knowing, understanding, and analyzing our players’ feedback is essential to deliver rich and exciting gaming experiences. Within Ubisoft, 15 User Research teams exist in the world. In Paris, more than 20 Projects Managers, User Research Analysts, and technical experts organize an average of 300 user tests per year and regularly exchange with production teams to support gaming experiences in the studio.

However, user research goes further today in tackling many other topics such as optimizing machine performance and game inclusivity!

If you want to know how user research tests are organized at the studio, read this article and watch this short video:



Player Analytics

The Player Analytics France team develops expertise on data throughout the studios, within the production teams.

A multidisciplinary team of data analysts, data scientists, researchers (in AI and humanities), tool developers, and visualization experts, aim to identify our players’ relationship with our games and developers with their production tools to identify opportunities for improvement.

These opportunities lead us to modify games, develop new content, or work on various topics such as recommendation systems, procedural generation, or models that learn to identify complex interactions that degrade performance.



Quality Control

The Quality Assurance department combines quality control and quality assurance, comprising of Quality Managers and Developmental Testers who have an essential role in the creation of our games.

They work with the teams throughout the production of a game, working from:

  • the beginning of design to create an optimal production pipeline;
  • during production, to set in place tools, methodologies, and test plans tailored to the needs of each production; to keep the production pipeline in optimal condition; to guide quality control teams in the identification of bugs, and to make qualitative returns on the different aspects of production to the entire development team.