Ghost Recon is a universe marked by strong fantasy as well as by the desire to offer players a realistic and tactical experience, fostering creativity, freedom of action and team spirit.

Jean-François Capizzi

A WORD FROM Jean-françois capizzi, senior PRODUCER


Ghost Recon is a universe marked by strong fantasy as well as by the desire to offer players a realistic and tactical experience, fostering creativity, freedom of action and team spirit. From Ghost Recon 1, to Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, our military shooter games allow players to evolve solo or cooperatively in large natural spaces. It is a passionate team, with strong know-how and great expertise, which continues to develop innovation on a daily basis in the service of an authentic gaming experience. Even today, we are bringing evolutions to Ghost Recon Breakpoint in conjunction with the community to provide more and more immersion in the Ghost Recon universe.



Ghost Recon is above all a promise: putting yourself in the boots of an elite soldier in hostile territory. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, the Ghosts were sent to a fictional Bolivia to dismantle a cartel of drug traffickers; the experience is reversed in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The player is sent to the island of Aurora. This island has been cut off from the world after being taken over by Skell Technology. This time it’s the Ghosts who will be hunted by a well-armed and trained threat: the Wolves, once brothers in arms, and now unstoppable enemies. And these tough opponents are led by Cole D. Walker, once a close friend to Nomad and played by a prestigious actor: Jon Bernthal!



Aurora is not only the scene of these clashes; it is also a whole world created with talent, passion, and thoroughness by our teams. The ominous island, shrouded in mystery, also offers varied panoramas with no less than 11 different biomes. You are never done visiting snow-capped peaks to impenetrable forests from grassy hills to agricultural areas. And to these natural assets, we added Skell’s influence, visible everywhere in the open world: prepare to scan the sky to escape the flying drones or to hide behind a tree looking to shelter from a Behemoth, the heavy ground drone from Skell. And if all these promises make your head spin, wait until you go through the futuristic cities and scan nature to spot its wildlife. Aurora is the perfect blend of majestic nature and overflowing technology, carried by a team committed to providing you with an immersive experience.



Ghost Recon Breakpoint offers many possibilities; whether you are a shooter enthusiast, who goes in gun blazing, a tactical sniper who holds his breath, or an infiltration specialist, this is the game for you thanks to the skill tree which allows you to choose a class and specialize.

You can also take advantage of new gameplay mechanics, like prone camo, that allows you to cover yourself in mud or snow to escape enemies. Ensure you survive through a hostile environment and use the gameplay mechanics to immerse yourself in the game. You can set up bivouacs all over Aurora to check your weapons, rest, prep for the next mission, upgrade your equipment, and more. Remember to watch your stamina, which is reduced when you climb or run, and take bandages with you: each wound must be healed, or you’ll risk seeing your character limp or slow down.

Our teams are always listening to our players’ feedback. So we have introduced the Ghost Experience in the game, which allows the player to customize their gameplay experience and make it more realistic (including loot, levels, AI difficulty). You can tune everything the way you like and enjoy the Ghost Recon Breakpoint of your dreams.



This mission will put Nomad to the test … but a good soldier knows that it is vital to surround yourself with good people. If you don’t want to face the dangers of Aurora alone, you can embark on the adventure with your friends! Ghost Recon Breakpoint is fully playable in online co-op for up to 4 players. Complete your expertise, vary your approaches, and the victory will be yours. Plus, with your character customization, you and your friends can create your own character that looks like you (or not!), so everyone has a unique look. No friends available? Don’t panic: our developers integrated AI teammates who will be there with you in your travels and will support you against the Wolfs. And if the prospect of measuring your skills against those of other players itches you, a PvP mode is built into the game and can be launched at any time: Ghost War.


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