Meeting with Constance Beillard

Meet The Team is a casual interview of the studio’s talents. Get to know us, discover our backgrounds, our favorite games, our life at Ubisoft and our hidden talents! This time, let’s meet Constance Beillard, Lead Concept Artist who notably worked on Ghost Recon.



Hi Constance! Do you play?

I play pretty much all types of games. The classic Nintendo Game Boy was my first console, Warcraft my first PC game, and then I was loaned a Game Cube when I was 14. At the time we played Soul Calibur after school. Video games have always kept me company.


What is the video game that has influenced you the most?

Key Art of Bioshock Infinite


There are several: Bioshock, Mass Effect et Red Dead Redemption are my favorites! I also had a great time with my friends on Call of Duty, especially in zombie mode. Dead Space was traumatic, and recently I got hooked on the game Guardians of the Galaxy.


What place does video games have in your life?

The video game has the same place as the cinema, the comic strip, the manga. I like science fiction and heroic fantasy, anticipation scenarios, etc. To be strolled in universes, it’s glorifying! I’m happy to make it not only a hobby, but also my job.


Your favorite video game character?

Akuma street Fighter
Akuma, painted by Constance


Akuma from Street Fighter (painted in the photo above) inspired me a lot. Generally speaking, fighting game characters often have a variety of charisma that’s a bit cliché but amuses me. Although the most beautiful of my meetings in the video game was Commander Shepard, unifying diplomat and fighter of intergalactic xenophobia. A model !


How did you land in the studio?

I was recommended by two friends who worked in the studio on Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I also worked with service provider studios for Ubisoft in light board or colorist. At the time, I alternated experiences between cinema and video games, for example at Def2shoot: I did texturing, compositing, modeling and mat painting. Then when I arrived at Ubisoft I did concept art.

Artworks de Constance
My nostalgia slide show of Ghost Recon Wildands and Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which were very formative projects.


Today, I have been at Ubi for 9 years already. I’m now Lead Concept Artist on an unannounced project. It’s an exciting task with a really brilliant team.


Tell us your best meeting story

There was the golden age of table football in Ubi, especially during Ghost Recon Wildlands. Sometimes meetings took place around table football (without playing it) but that said a lot about what it represented. We work hard and it reduces divisions and creates links. It’s an amazing teambuilding tool.


What do you do when you’re not at work?

peinture contstance
A work of Constance

I’m changing diapers a lot right now! Laughs. I do a lot of cycling and I hope to free up more time to return to traditional painting.













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