Womxn Develop at Ubisoft: wrap up in Paris & Annecy!


After a successful first version of Ubisoft Future Women in Games in 2019, held jointly in Paris and Toronto, Ubisoft relaunched its mentoring program for women and non-binary people in 2020. Renamed Womxn Develop at Ubisoft, it took place in many studios including Paris & Annecy where the program started in January 2021. More than 30 women and non-binary people were able to benefit from the advice and support of programming and game design experts in the realization of their projects.

This year, on the game design side, freedom was at the heart of the reflections since the subject “I want to break free” was chosen. From this common statement, the interpretations were numerous and very diverse: follow the steps of a famous adventurer, free yourself from your inner demons, gain your independence…. Each project had its own personality.

On a different note, the theme of the programming track was “Reborn” and, once again, it led to very successful projects! Skeletons, desert worlds, the candidates were very inspired!
But besides the projects, the main aspect of the program was the learning and the support from the mentors. The feedbacks were unanimous: Womxn Develop at Ubisoft helps you gain confidence and build your network within the industry.
Find out more about this program in the video below!

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