Just Dance and Reebok partner for an exclusive footwear collection and song map! 


On March 29th, Ubisoft and Reebok announced the launch of a special edition footwear collection for Just Dance®. This collection brings the exclusive Reebok map featured in Just Dance to life. Kendra Meserve who works as International Product Manager at Ubisoft Paris tells us more about this unique collaboration.  

Reebok x Just Dance

What inspired the Reebok x Just Dance partnership? 

It seemed a natural fit for Reebok and Just Dance to collaborate, as we share common brand values of promoting healthy fitness through collectivity. Both the brand DNA of Reebok and Just Dance revolve around social connection and fitness.  

If you’ve ever played Just Dance, you know that feeling when you finish playing a map and realize you just had a great time and worked out. This element of physical fun is a cornerstone of Just Dance, and we regularly get positive feedback from players about how they use Just Dance for fitness. 


What do players get out of the Reebok x Just Dance collaboration?   

We teamed up with Reebok to create an exclusive Just Dance map that’s inspired by both brands’ shared values. The game features 4 coaches whose avatars are wearing the new Reebok x Just Dance shoe collection. The song has an energizing beat, great tempo and the lyrics are about figuring things out, developing your potential, your own way. In the end, we wanted to offer players a great work out time with a challenging choreography, while sending out a powerful message about being their authentic selves. 

The song selected is “My Way” by Domino Saints, a very talented duo from Puerto Rico. The exclusive map featuring the partnership launched in November 2021 is available on the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and Stadia.


How to get the Reebok x Just Dance shoe collection? 

Reebok x Just Dance

The collection features several footwear styles for adults and one for children. They’re the perfect mix between the colorful and pop spirit of Just Dance, and the healthy and energizing feel of Reebok. To get them, players are encouraged to visit the Reebok website, where the collection is available only in Europe, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, and Vietnam.   


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