The 5 youngsters went to the studio accompanied by a parent and were able to discover the transformation of their drawings, but also to receive a personalized box containing their nicely framed drawing, video games, a plush toy, a Mario Rabbids figurine and a USB key.    

les petits princes découvrent leurs cadeaux

During this time, the parents and the kids were very excited to chat about their drawings with the artists of the studio, who explained the artistic process behind their drawing. It was also an opportunity to take pictures before going to the floor dedicated to Just Dance!  

While touring the space, the kids were accompanied by Claire Bourgne, Just Dance Producer, who explained the jobs involved in the production of the game and the history of the brand since Just Dance 2022 was going to be launched the next day!  

les petits princes au studio

The 5 young people were able to continue by learning the main steps of the creation of a Just Dance map, all in the studio’s green room, before taking the road to Ubisoft’s headquarters. There, they tried out virtual reality activities including MAZE, a virtual maze, and RISE, a VR roller coaster, before ending the meeting with a snack.   

les petits princes au siège d'Ubisoft

Their discussion with the studio’s artists and Just Dance production teams generated many questions that will hopefully encourage these video game enthusiasts to pursue a career in our industry.