Job position

Executive Producer (M/W/NB)

Project Management, Permanent

Job Description

In a role centred on direction & governance, brand management, team leadership, and talent management, you’ll:

  • Establish and lead the brand’s medium and long-term strategic plans – partnering with core teams to set the overall direction, including the creative vision, technical direction, production, and operation of the brand’s games.
  • Play a key role in creating a sustainable development plan for the brand in collaboration with relevant teams (like Transmedia, Brand Portfolio Management, Editorial, Executive Publishing, and Ubisoft Film & Television).
  • Support and guide the brand’s games throughout every stage of development and operations, keeping an ever-watchful eye on quality and performance.
  • Propose and drive ideas for innovative projects surrounding financial success and market growth + collaborate towards the realization of initiatives of cross-functional departments.
  • Develop and monitor action plans to support the evolution of Ubisoft Paris studios and ensure alignment with the organizational processes in place.
  • Work closely with the managing director to foster relationships with the studio’s leadership team, editorial team, business teams, and distributors, guaranteeing that efforts are consistent and meet Ubisoft common goals.
  • Empower team members, provide mentorship, and identify development opportunities + foster an environment of trust.
  • Participate in recruitment to build and grow diverse and cohesive core teams.
  • Facilitate sustainable talent management by adopting proven management and succession planning practices as well as development processes based on game type and production stage.


  • Senior leadership experience in video game production
  • In-depth knowledge of games production and operations
  • Experience elevating a team and improving a process from early development through to shipping and ongoing live operations
  • The capacity to cast a clear long-term vision and put in place the key milestones to make it a reality
  • An inclusive, influential, and inspiring leadership style that allows you to rally people around a vision and engage distributed teams of varying sizes
  • Business and commercial acumen, especially when it comes to P&Ls, live revenues, and brand commercialization (for esports, other platforms, and consumer products)
  • An ability to balance innovating and strengthening the basics
  • ·Flexibility to adapt to whatever production throws your way: you can modify your plans based on the situation
  • A collaborative spirit & relationship-building skills

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