The Crew 2





Countless vehicles and a playground the size of America: does it sound to good to be true? And yet, this is the promise of The Crew 2, developed by Ivory Tower and for which we have lent a hand during development!


And if the prospect of having such a large playground is breathtaking, imagine the technical and design challenges faced by the development teams to make it all playable online, with many players exploring the world or taking part in games and activities. And because we are not afraid, The Crew does not settle for keeping the tires riveted to the ground: the sea and the air are all territories available to you via the piloting of boats and planes. We add to this delirious cocktail somes Monster Trucks, motorcycles, a huge selection of racing vehicles, the sometimes mountainous, steep, desert, green American landscapes, and we realize that The Crew 2 is not only the evolution of the previous opus : it’s a completely new game and a really new mindset, in order to offer the most breathtaking racing game of 2018.