In the Studio, we like to give meaning to our actions and take things further for causes near and dear to our hearts such as:

Support for the education of children

Strenghtening diversity & inclusion in our teams and the industry

Allow each and everyone of us to live up to commitments



Sharing our knowledge and passion, particularly with young people of all ages and all backgrounds will help create future vocations. It is for this reason that we work in close partnerships with many incredible organizations:

Les Petits Princes – helping to make the dreams of seriously ill children and adolescents come true by inviting them to the Studio.


Fusion Jeunesse – supporting the fight against school dropout by creating video games supported by mentors from the Studio.


We are committed to driving diversity and inclusion forward in our studio and industry. We know our team is stronger when it brings together people from a variety of backgrounds, languages and cultures. To achieve this, the studio is committed to improving equality, inclusion and diversity, and are currently engaged in a number of initiatives including:

Since 2018, we have been partners with the French organization Option Innovation and have opened the doors of our studio and creations to classes of high school students from underpriviledged backgrounds

We work closely with Women In Games France, organizing HR coaching workshops for women who want to enter the video game industry

Since 2023, we have been opening the studio’s doors to Elles Bougent and participating alongside it in various actions aimed at strengthening gender diversity in companies in the industrial and technological sectors, in need of female talent.


Living up to commitments

Our Studios’ teams can engage with associations they care about through three days of volunteering each year.
It is an opportunity that many are taking to further good causes such as environmental protection, access to technology for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, or helping LGBTQ+ youth who may be at odds with their families. Recent actions in the Studio include:

The Green Force, a group of employees involved in protecting the environment, organized the Green Days in September 2020. It is a week dedicated to raising awareness around environmental issues and the joint search for solutions.

In January 2021, our video production studio teams introduced young learners from FablLab La Verrière in Montreuil to their craft. A partnership that also involves gifting PC as well as presenting other jobs on site.