Ubisoft Paris is more than games; it is a community of enthusiasts, experts, artists, and creators in a single studio. We are committed to providing a vibrant and welcoming workplace culture so everyone can continue to express themselves and create the best games.


Working in the Studio means working in a family and friendly atmosphere. For everyone to thrive and create in the best working conditions, the Studio shares a company culture that places kindness and always surpassing oneself at the center of its core values.
Every member of the Studio has a role in creating this environment and making others feel welcomed. See the Ubisoft code of conduct that each member of our team is committed to upholding.

Learning Together

Never Stop Learning: three words that guide our teams in their studio careers. Whether at international conferences like the GDC, at internal sharing events, or through our training courses, there are many opportunities to share, learn, and grow. This philosophy encourages everyone to explore and discover new horizons daily; engines, code languages, or user experience trends.

Celebrate our successes

The life of the studio is punctuated by many events throughout the year. Teambuildings, game releases from the studio or other Ubisoft studios, launch events, but also exclusive game streams and many more… Every celebration is the right moment to meet your colleagues, discuss innovative topics and have a good time.


Our Studio is full of places that adapt to all your needs, whether you want a quiet space, discuss or program.

Our space includes: informal spaces, meeting rooms of various sizes, sound recording booths, gaming areas with foosball and ping-pong tables and even quiet corners for chatting or reading a book.

In addition to this, in Summer 2020, our shooting studio opened, which allows our developers to do motion capture and film with a green screen!


Are you a sports fan? Go for a workout in the Ubisoft gym, a stone’s throw from the Studio, take advantage of reduced rates for rooms throughout Paris, or sign up for rock climbing at a reduced price!

Do you want culture? Benefit from reductions on your show tickets and unlimited cinema subscriptions!

Great players? Access the entire catalog of Ubi games for free on PC. Benefit from 4 games offered on Console each year and even borrow competitor’s games thanks to the Studio’s game library!

For responsible gourmets: Crunchy baguettes on sale every evening at the reception, fruit, organic coffee, and teas offered to keep you hungry and organic baskets on sale every Thursday evening: enough to satisfy all stomachs!

Never Stop Learning:  Our continuing education program enables you to attend inspiring conferences, go to international events such as GDC, and continue to grow in your profession and your team!

And Also – we provide discounts for escape games in Paris, organized trips, food trucks every Thursday at noon,… And much more!

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