Job position

Senior Marketing Artist (M/NB/W) – Unannounced AAA Project

Art, Permanent

Job Description

As a Senior Marketing Artist, you will report to the Brand Manager of an unannounced realistic AAA project. You will join a team of passionate and creative professionals who love to learn and push their art and imagination to new levels. In your role as Marketing Artist, you will be responsible for producing the graphic assets needed for the communication around the project.

This includes:

  • Internal communication: setting up and sharing the graphic communication charter, presentation material, etc.
  • External communication: creation of Tier 1* assets for the communication campaign (keyarts, logos, screenshots…)
  • Respond to Tier 2* asset requests from the marketing team (Brand, Live Monetization, Community Development) 
  • Support the production team to develop in-game elements: specific iconography (factions logo, icons for game menu, etc..)
  • Follow the development of 2D capture tools with the production team (brief, debrief, test)

*Tier 1: major assets for the communication campaign with high visibility.

*Tier 2: minor assets for day to day: live, store, publishing, … with less visibility.


  • You have proven experience as a Marketing Artist, ideally in the video game industry or in a communication agency.
  • Photoshop and Powerpoint have no secrets for you. Motion design skills are a plus.
  • You have a preference for projects with a realistic / ultra realistic AD.
  • You have an interest for tech topics and continuous improvement.
  • You are not afraid to iterate and you adapt easily.
  • You are known for your excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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