Job position

Producer (M/NB/W)

Project Management, Permanent

Job Description

You will join the team of one of our unannounced projects. Working with a Senior producer, you will be in charge of managing the producing team as well as several leads. You will contribute to building the goals of the project as well as the development strategy to fulfill them. 

Your assignements will be as follows : 

  • Organize and lead a AAA development team 
  • Participate to the construction of the project's scope with the creative director and the rest of the core team 
  • Define the project's roadmap and ensure the timeline and budget are respected. You will also broadcast the progress of the project to the stakeholders
  • Set up strategies and processes to optimize the team's productivity and mood 
  • Participate in recruiting and developing the talents and coordinate their work on all the aspects of the game (design, art, programming, QC…) 
  • Ensure that the content is aligned with the expectations of the HQ (editorial, business, brand …), with the market's expectations and the profitabiilty targets 
  • Contribute to the life of the studio by increasing the quality of our productions, the productivity of our teams and the efficiency or our organization 
  • Contribute to the collaboration strategy and ensure it is rolled-out properly 

We also will expect you to promote our diversity and inclusion values that the studio also carries.


In order to take the role, you will need the following core skills and knowledges 

  • At least one successful experience as a producer on a AA or AAA project. You need to be comfortable with big teams 
  • Knowledge of different production methods : agile / scrum, waterfall, lean 
  • Strong skill in project management and related tools (Excel, Jira…) 
  • You are familiar with budget and staffing plans 
  • You know how to pass on ideas while being diplomatic. Your organization skills are paired with great communication skills 
  • You know how to analyse problems and give directions on the different scopes : art, game design, organization, business 
  • Player-orientedness is necessary. You need to understand the current video game business models and GaaS 
  • Big video game culture 

Our work language is English so you'll need to write and speak it fluently. French is a plus 

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