Job position

Global Brand Strategy Director (F/M/NB)


Job Description

Co-Define the Brand Long-Term Strategy

You plan the various work stages to define a coordinated brand strategy in accordance with the corporate Brand Management Process with other BPM teams

  • You follow the corporate guidelines to plan the needed milestones using defined templates & methodologies.
  • You set up a close collaboration with stakeholders inside BPM (Global Strategic Insights, LRS, Portfolio and BPM Office) and outside BPM (Production, Editorial, Publishing, Mobile, UFT)

You contribute to the brand situation assessment driven by BPM (Global Strategic Insights) to:

  • Leverage relevant insights from stakeholders outside BPM (Production, Editorial, Publishing, Mobile, UFT)
  • Identify benchmarks, key success factors, threats and market opportunities.
  • Identify potential challenges linked to the architecture of the brand and its understanding by consumers.

You formalize the Brand vision developed by the Brand Leadership Team with creative partners (Creative Director(s), VP Editorial…):

  • Co-organize workshops & discussions to define & align on a new Brand DNA taking into account consumers’ feedback & trends
  • Recommend a brand architecture to organize the Brand projects in a way that suits the target group’s needs.
  • Set marketing artistic direction for the brand in collaboration with artistic teams and/or external agencies
  • Ensure brand documents are maintained against the vision; brand bibles, style guides, manifesto, …
  • Surround yourself with the experts you need (Brand Strategist, Art Director, copywriter, Trends specialist ….)

You support the Executive Producer in defining long-term Brand measurable objectives by contributing, in collaboration with the Brand Leadership team, to :

  • Position the brand on its market & in Ubisoft portfolio with Portfolio & Global Insights teams
  • Define Financial & non Financial goals

You partner with the Brand Leadership Team to consolidate a 360 Brand Roadmap including gaming projects, Ubisoft Film & Television projects, Location-based entertainment projects, Consumer Products, Strategic partnerships, events, esport activities:

  • Connecting the narrative roadmap into the Brands’ slate of products
  • Coordinating product-level roadmaps altogether
  • Informing stakeholders about key updates related to the brand roadmap

You partner with Publishing on campaigns and communication activities at Franchise level.

Orchestrate Brand Steering for Executive Producer

As the central point of contact for all brand stakeholders, you:

  • Coach internal teams on the brand strategy and its DNA:
  1. Organize the communication of the updated vision & bible and strategy
  2. Contribute to strategic discussions and workshops with projects and activities stakeholders to help build product positioning
  3. Organize brand assets and tools archive management with Knowledge Management, and provide assets to facilitate execution (style guides, brand bible with narrative documents, materials from previous products)
  • Ensure compliance of new projects & marketing assets with brand strategy & vision:
  1. Set up relevant check-in and validation meetings with stakeholders (content, marketing or tactic decisions)
  • Ensure products & projects differentiation and synergy:
  1. Initiate or support cross projects activities or events
  • Contribute to brand-level monitoring with financial & data partners to define relevant KPIs & dashboards

Manage the Production marketing teams of the brand

You co manage with the producers the Product directors of HD projects of the brand, and as such, you:

  • Define the brand & marketing objectives to support the brand vision and strategy
  • You validate strategy and key assets developed by Product directors
  • Seek validation from Brand Leadership Team and VP of Global Brand Strategy when needed
  • Validate production marketing staffing decisions in partnership with each producer involved
  • Validate production marketing budgets in partnership with each producer involved
  • Be a key partner for VP & executive publishers, editorial VPs, and HQ cluster regarding key product level marketing decisions
  • Facilitate alignment & collaboration
  • Participate to key production and marketability gates


What you will bring:

  • Strong brand marketing track record with experience in a fast-paced international context, ideally within the video games industry
  • Great collaboration skills allowing you to co-build with your stakeholders, generate alignment, and work efficiently with your partners to move projects forward
  • Excellent communication abilities: you can craft engaging stories and translate your vision to different audiences (producing, creative, tech, publishing, etc.)
  • Understanding of how to navigate conversations to influence decisions & outputs
  • Ability to delegate effectively to your team and to manage, coach, and grow its members
  • A good awareness of your context helping you make smart strategic choices
  • A great sense of efficiency: you can juggle multiple projects at the same time
  • Ability to defend your point of view, even when it is unpopular
  • Broad experience and understanding of all facets of the marketing discipline including market research, product positioning & development, communication strategy, and consumer acquisition & engagement
  • Ability to challenge marketing plans & deliverables to meet high standards (innovation, creativity, etc.)
  • A player-focused in your marketing practice
  • Ability to see the bigger picture and spot synergies
  • A passion for understanding marketing trends & evolution and incorporating them in your work
  • A good understanding of the day-to-day of a game production (workflows, resources, constraints, etc.)
  • Fluency in English (mandatory)

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