Job position

C++ Technical Architect M/W/NB

Programming, Permanent

Job Description

As a Technical Architect (M/F/NB), through evaluation, analysis, recommendations and decisions, you will build a solid technical architecture that, thanks to your in-depth knowledge of the chosen engine code and your strong reactivity, will not only maximize the project’s production capacity, but will also stand the test of time and keep up with the rapid evolution of the video game environment.

As a true resource person for all development matters, you will ensure that the teams are aligned so that their work is in line with the defined technological direction and will generously share your overview and expertise with your colleagues.

What you will do :

  • Define the technology vision for the teams and the design of new engine features, gameplay and/or tools.
  • Identify and ensure the feasibility of improvements to the tools necessary for the success of the project.
  • Ensure consistency, efficiency, scalability, modularity and compatibility of the features developed by the team.
  • Be a reference in the analysis and resolution of technical problems.
  • In collaboration with technical management, communicate the technical limits of tools or systems to inform them of their options and best practices.
  • Define the measures to be implemented to ensure optimal performance.
  • Equip project teams (graphic design, design, animation, etc.) to produce content within the defined technical framework.
  • Evaluate existing internal and external tools to determine their respective strengths and weaknesses and recommend the most appropriate ones based on objectives and expectations.
  • Anticipate technological advances and challenges brought about by new hardware (such as consoles) and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Create system reference materials to contribute to reuse, sharing and collaboration at Ubisoft.


  • You have at least 5 or 6 years of experience in C++ programming
  • You are familiar with C++ standards
  • A thorough knowledge of hardware and tools, consoles and advanced technologies in the field of video games is a big plus
  • Mastery of the C# language is a plus
  • You have developed skills in analysis and synthesis as well as a real ability to solve complex problems
  • You are also comfortable for organizing your work, which allows you to adapt to changes
  • You are at ease in oral and written communication in English
  • And finally, you have a real collaborative spirit.

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