Job position

Associate Lead Programmer W/M/NB

Programming, Permanent

Job Description

  • Collaborate with the Lead Programmer to coordinate the technical team of Anvil Paris;
  • Prioritize, manage and update daily tasks of the team, creating schedules and roadmaps;
  • Participate in programming tasks with the technical team;
  • Identify risks and opportunities presented during the development and provide solutions to resolve potentially complex problems;
  • Manage all communications and meetings with other teams and other studios;
  • Mentor, manage and regularly review team members to establish a cohesive and effective team;
  • Maintain a collaborative and creative spirit in the team;
  • Participate in the sharing of information and knowledge in the field.


  • 5+ years of development experience;
  • Strong C++ development and optimization skills;
  • Experience leading a team or mentoring junior team members preferred;
  • Comfortable planning tasks and dependencies for yourself and team members;
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team;
  • Knowledge of game development related topics such as AI, animations, 3D math;
  • You are able to speak English in a professional environment;

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