ghost recon breakpoint


Somewhere in the South Pacific lies the remote Auroa Archipelago, a vast expanse of diverse biomes ranging from the most breathtaking fjords and snow-capped peaks to the deepest lava fields and marshes. It is in this setting that Ghost Recon Breakpoint takes place.
This military shooting game released in October 2019 follows Ghost Recon Wildland (2017). It takes shape in a varied, hostile and mysterious open-world, playable entirely solo or cooperatively up to 4.

Game development

Led by our studio in Paris, the main characteristic of the game lies in the variety of its open worlds. Great care has been taken in the realism of the graphics and the teams have developed technologies that allow us to take care of every detail. It allows, for example, to have different trees within the same forest or to have vegetatio

n that reacts more naturally to the force of the wind.
There is also a great diversity of situations in the game, which allows the player to develop his own adventure: more than 700 mystery locations, 11 different weather conditions, bivouacs, camps, villages… For Emile Daubon, military advisor and scriptwriter, this realism was a real challenge because it should in no way alter the game’s playability. It was also necessary to adjust real military strategies to a video game by trying to stay as close as possible to reality.