Doing an internship at Ubisoft Paris means learning from industry experts who have seen the video game industry evolve over the past 30 years. It also means benefiting from numerous training courses throughout your internship and joining our community of interns: the Studio Academy.

Let the 2018 class share its daily life with you:



Our trainees are all potential future employees, many of them joining our teams at the end of their internship. That’s why an experience with us is an essential moment of learning, training and practical discovery. With this in mind, managers listen to interns and guide them throughout their career at Ubisoft.


To integrate our interns here at Ubisoft, upon their arrival, they are invited to the Studio Academy: a community of interns that allows them to live a personalized experience with training, sharing moments, and dedicated mentoring.

Their onboarding program is also incredibly advanced: studio tours, meetings with the teams, presentation of the games, and the company. All this is also punctuated by informal moments to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

All these processes are the perfect way to create links… which often continue long after the end of the internship!


Doing an internship at Ubisoft also means enjoying the same benefits as employees: free games, access to the gym, console loans, numerous events in the Studio, bicycles at your disposal, all-you-can-eat fresh fruit, and free breakfast every Monday morning! An ideal work environment to learn and develop.