Bringing a gaming environment to life with music


You only need to have played a Mario game before to realise how important music is in the licensing world. In the Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom project, it was essential to keep this feature. With this in mind, the Art Designers’ goal here was to create a real symbiosis between sound, music and the elements of the game.

During a conference given in 2019 during the GameCamp, Romain Brillaud, Audio Director, and Matthieu Pavageau, Expert Sound Programmeur at the studio, talk about how they worked on the design of the musical environment of Mario + Rabbids. Because once Grant Kirkhope, the composer, has created and recorded the music with his orchestra and singers, there’s still a lot of synchronization work to be done to create a real gaming atmosphere.

To learn more about the musical universe of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game, visit here :

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